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Welcome to the website of the College of Saint Golias, the Crown College of the Kingdom of the Outlands!

The College of Saint Golias is not associated with a barony, canton, or shire. Our officers report directly to their Kingdom superiors, making us a Crown College.

Saint Golias is the oldest college in the Kingdom of the Outlands, and one of the oldest registered colleges in the Knowne World.

Our college holds two main events each year: the highly movable Saint Golias Feast Day, which is typically sometime in October or early November; and Southern War Practice, which is the last major war practice for the southern Outlands before Estrella War, typically the last Saturday in January. We also try to hold two smaller local events each year: Welcome Back for new and returning students at the start of the fall semester; and a farewell event towards the end of the spring semester.

Workshops are also offered by members of the college. In the past there have been silversmithing and enameling workshops. While fighting is the most visible art of the SCA, many of our members are talented artisans in the fields of silversmithing, enameling, leather tooling, henna design and application, blacksmithing, metalworking, and other diverse arts.

If you are interested in learning more about our group, please use the contact information found in the "Officers" page. To learn more about the SCA in general, the link to the left "New to the SCA?" will take you to the official Society for Creative Anachronim's webpage section for newcomers. And finally, to learn more about the Kingdom of the Outlands, please use the link to the left "Kingdom of the Outlands" to go to the Kingdom website.

Thank you for your interest in the College of Saint Golias!

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